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First Union Financial Company

In Service to the Employees and Entrepreneurs of Jamaica.

Branches: Branches: Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Mandeville, Westmoreland, May Pen, Portland, Spanish Town, Linstead, Spanish Town Road, Ocean Boulevard

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This GUARANTOR is made on 25th day of January 2021 between FIRST UNION FINANCIAL CO. LTD and (Name of Guarantor) WHERE AS: I (Name of Guarantor) otherwise know as(Alias, if any) Gender: Male Female , born on day of . TRN# the GUARANTOR of (Name of Guarantee)

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Telephone # (Wk) (Hm) hereby agree to pay all outstanding amount which includes principal, interest and late payment charges together with all costs and expenses incurred, should the GUARANTEE default in repaying the full amount of $ . This amount is inclusive of principal and interest, which was disbursed on

If I fail to comply with the terms of this agreement, I hereby authorize FIRST UNION FINANCIAL Company Ltd to seize any Personal and or Business items including motor vehicle and to hold these items for a period of twenty eight (28) days, thereafter failing to clear all existing balances, my permission is granted to sell these items used as collaterals to recover all balances outstanding.

My signature serves to verify that I have read and understood this agreement. I was fully aware and not under any form of force when signing this document.

This agreement shall expire on the day all payments are submitted to the above company.

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